Happy Birthday Munchkin Monkey Bear!

Two years ago a wonderful friend of mine named Christine Copeland took me to a friend’s house. I won’t talk about the pictures on this man’s wall and how back in the day I would have hit that harder than a ding-dong on Valentine’s Day. BUT I DIGRESS.

On the floor of this gentleman’s home was a cat-crate. Originally I thought it contained just that – a cat. However when I asked if I could see the animal, I was told there was a little DOG inside. I opened the door, and out waddled Munchkin. She about 2lbs and looked like a fur ball with attitude. I knew instantly that she and I would be together for a long, long time.

Munchkin has brought lots of love and happiness to me and others. She has a grandma and and grandpa as well many uncles and aunts that she loves very much.

Happy Birthday Mush-Mush!

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