Jam Of The Day: Fight the Power by Public Enemy

Fear of a peaceful planet?

Between the years of 1987-1994, nothing made white people more terrified than Public Enemy. They were like the Black Panthers meets New Jack City meets I’ma cut your face and ruin your modeling career all wrapped around a ticking time clock worn around Flava Flav’s neck. Indeed, many thought there was a red button on the swatch watch that could blow all the white folk to kingdom come – and it did – but in the right way. With thoughtful, provocative and truthful lyrics, Public Enemy made the people stand up, take notice and Fight the Powers that be.

Please observe:

To start, a work of art

To revolutionize make a change nothin’s strange

People, people we are the same. 

In honor of President’s Day and to highlight the recent protests around the world (including here), it’s a good reminder to pay homage to the trendsetters, thinkers and trailblazers that opened door after door after door for generations to come. Have you hugged your Public Enemy today?

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