Oscar Lady Tigers

The Queen:

Lilac-attack – purple pastie edition.


Ugh. I hate to say it but she’s the girl I live to hate because she’s so damn perfect at everything she does. Including Detox Master Cleanses – Girl got back to her roots too by showing up in Calvin Klein. If Calvin designed human placentas – Gwyneth would have been born in one.

Florence and the fierceness:

Mandy Moore – is that YOU?

The Do No Wrong. I know many people gave Miss Portman slacky-poos by saying her outfit was all sorts of matchy-matchy. Fine. Fine. Point taken. But you show up with that much class a full Le Baby Tummy and tell me a thing or two about looking this good:

Oh! And speaking of class:

This one says it all…or else she will cut you with the stare down:

Hilary Swanky:

Hey Mrs. Thing, did you just have twins?

La Isla Bonita:

Put the Bomb back in Bombshell (and knows it):

And finally, thank you for dressing like a 14 year old Lady:

As opposed to a 16 year old Tramp who enjoys shocking people for no reason with her pedophile-chic-to-creepness.

If Rosemary had another Baby.

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