Dipshit: The Goddesses of Charlie Sheen

Linda Lovelace, one of the first famous porn stars, helped to usher in the porn industry as we know it today. For the good and the bad.

Mommy, when I grow up I want to live with Charlie Sheen as a porn star, hopefully catch herpes, make a movie for You Porn and die of a drug overdose. If I’m really LUCKY, I’ll get to drive around in the Bang Brothers Van.

WTF is going on here? Can I ask? Not since the 1970’s have porn stars been so newsworthy. Let’s think back a bit. Like way back, before the whole boob-ha-ha that’s going on today. I hate to say it but Linda Lovelace looks like Aubrey Hepburn compared to the trash coming out of the California Valley these days. Movies like Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door were cheeky, fancy adaptations about the way people screw – and the stars acted like stars – not like gold-digging, classless, trampy-pants obsessed with promoting their own fame – and being rewarded handsomely for it. I’m not trying to put the Communist or Mortality Chastity belt on this argument either. As Floyd Gondolli will tell you in the movie Boogie Nights, we are here to make a dollar and a cent in this business. Good for you.

My problem is the attention all these girls are receiving and the effects it may have on younger women. These ladies are turning PORN STAR into the next DOCTOR when it comes to female career choices. Why work or go to school when you can lay on your back (or hang from a ceiling fan) and get paid? 30K in some cases. I get it. But I’ll tell you, when I’m at the mall recently and I overhear a group of 14 year olds say they can’t wait to be a porn stars at 16, I think, there’s something REALLY wrong with this picture. I’m not condemning the love of porn or porn stars. I’m just saying can we please stop giving attention to women who, unbeknownst to them or not, are influencing young girl’s decisions to go in a very destructive direction.

As for Charlie Sheen, if he’s looking for pets to keep around the house, I’m sure there are plenty of homeless dog shelters around the LA area, or even better, take care of your kids.

And now, some words of wisdom from Floyd Gondolli – lollipops and butter not included:

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