Your Weekly Handsome Mustache: Billy Dee Williams

Is my mustache making you thirsty?

Well it’s Billy Dee Williams of course! Fresh off a chilled bottle of Colt 45. That’s right. Stick one in the fridge along with your favorite colored lightsabar because Billy Dee’s tricks work every time.

Nothing makes me snuggle up on a shag rug more than the sweet sounds of Barry White and the cold taste of Colt 45. That’s the only malt liquor for me. Recently, Colt 45 ran a contest where you could enter to win a trip to meet Billy Dee.

The Contest I never won.

Did I enter, you know it. I didn’t win though. If I had I would have dressed up like Princess Lea from Return of the Jedi and been waiting for Billy Dee to Millennium-Falcon me off to light speed. Uh-huh. Beer goggles fit better after 40 ounces of that bloat juice. Trust me and my beer baby – which is not Billy Dee’s because he’s just too old to get down with this Lady. This guy, on the other hand. ANYTIME:

Wookies every time.

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