Your Weekly Handsome Mustache: Julius Pringles

The Pringle Potato Chip was created in Rosemary’s Baby’s Basement by the evil, animal-testing corporation, Procter and Gamble, which kind of explains Mr. Pringle’s red-eyed stare. First sold in the United States in 196668, they were distributed nationally starting in the 1970’s,

Perhaps P&G felt they were being a little too overt with their spiritual beliefs and toned down the logo to what we have below. This one has a bit of a French-waiter feel with a Porntastic Flare:

It wasn’t until 2001, that the logo was changed to what we have today:

Is it just me or does Mr. Pringles’ hair look like a fuzzy animal’s tail after it keels over from having too much Vidal Sassoon poured in its eye? Terrible but true. I won’t turn this into an ad for PETA (because hell-to-the-nah about me getting naked), I personally make the choice to not buy shampoo that some poor bunny foo-foo was forced to drink. I mean, it’s shampoo. You don’t need to croak an animal to know you shouldn’t be drinking it.

I don’t want to drill the point home that P&G is a hell-bound organization.  They employee a lot of people overseas and are an example of the exploitation of people and resources in order to live up to American Dream. I mean Naomi Campbell is on the payroll because apparently, once you POP a cell phone in your poor assistant’s face you can’t STOP taking blood diamonds from people who lost both their hands

If you feel your face starting to burn, please step away from the computer.

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