Jam of the Day and the Master Jam Mix-up!

It's good to be back with old friends!

Today is the first day back from my crash and burn computer drama. Thank you to everyone who sent me their suggestions. Very helpful, indeed. And now:

I don’t know what Twilight, The Lion King and 4 months offline have in common but hey.! That’s NOT the Jam for Today BTW, (just my personal theme song). Today’s Jam comes from Herb Albert and his Tijuana Brass. Born March 31 1935, in Los Angeles, California, Uncle Alpert’s albums have sold over 72 million copies worldwide. That’s a lot of brass. Although influenced by the sounds of Latin America, no one in the band was Latin American. Alpert used to joke about this and say his band consisted of “Three lasagnas, two bagels and an American Cheese.” They did however help open the doors for many Latin American acts including Baja Marimaba Band and the Sandpipers. 

The brass lost it’s shine and disbanded in 1969. Alpert had a very successful solo career making music and producing records. Today’s jam, Rise, won a Grammy Award, reached #1 in 1979 and was sampled by this guy:

Alpert was one of the founding partner of A&M records, which sold to Polygram in 1987 for $500 million. That’s a lot of disco, brass and sassafras. 

Speaking of sassafras, boogie, and style, here’s the video for Rise. Disco dance lesson included. Put that swagger martini on ice and learn a trick or two. You can then join me for a twirl around the dance floor on Sunday March 27 @ Bespoke: 266 College Street in New Haven, CT. I’ll be DJing and disco dancing to all my favorite jams and more. Hope you can make it!

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