Lady Tiger Life Coach: Life Lemons and Gold Sh*t

The word of the week is tenacity. Coupled with patience. I realized that setting a hard line doesn’t mean walking a straight line when comes to success. There are curves, bumps and firebombs along the road. I guess that’s what makes successful people successful – inheriting a firewalker’s approach to life. Facing any obstacle or challenge with an about-face. You either walk towards danger with your head held high, or you don’t. My danger really wasn’t so dangerous, considering there’s so much unrest in the world and so much in my world to be thankful for. It did, however, take me away from what I love to do – writing – while giving me a whole new set of things to think about which I’d like to share with you today. Beginning with my lemony problem:

Last week my computer tried to commit suicide by hurling itself off the kitchen counter. Dramatic I know, and for a blogger building a blog, not a good thing. I’ll tell ya, a part of my heart died along with that cracked LCD screen. Macs are like Bentleys or really nice vintage cars. When a part breaks or stops working you know it’s going to cost you. My cost: postponing my trip to Miami by 3 weeks and having to figure out a way to post blogs on a 10 year dinosaur computer from outer space. What inspired me to think about tenacity was the disconnection from my favorite pastime. For the past few months since I started Lady Tiger, I felt like I was on a roll – last week however, it seemed my career-role was rolling over me – or was it?

Two days after my computer impaling experience, I saw a bumper sticker that said this: When life hands you lemons, paint that shit gold. Now that’s some down-home realness. It got me thinking: why not? I love the Rolling Stones – I’m proud to say I’ve had a crush on Mick Jagger since the age of 9. But let’s be honest, painting life gold is a lot shinier than painting it black. True tenacity, in my humble opinion, is the commitment to learn from a bad experience and give it a hug. Simply put, fill it with a smile instead of snowball rolling downhill to disaster. It’s hard to do – trust me I know. I’ve got a temper inside me that takes a lot of meditation to control – but the reason I do is because I’ve learned that anger-actions only lead to more angry actions. It’s better to be tenacious in love than ferocious in hate – doing so will certainly get your computer fixed faster and make that hard-line to success run a lot smoother.

So what did I do with all that free-no-computer-time: went to an art museum, took a meditation class and disco-danced around my living room. That’s painting it gold, son. 



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