Friday’s High 5: Blast

Friday’s 5 Five is a new column based off the following principle: 

Today’s High 5 comes from Des Moines, Iowa where Attorney General Tom Miller is putting the crack down on Billy Dee Williams and his friends at Colt 45. The company has manufactured a new fruit-loop colored alcohol called Blast. This 23 once can serves 12 percent alcohol – that’s nearly 5 drinks in one!

Pabst, the Lord of the Colt 45, received a letter from Attorney Miller urging the company to reduce the alcohol content in Blast. He alleges that the packaging and marketing of the product encourages heavy drinking in young kids. Several Attorney Generals from different states have also taken up the call saying that Blast is a binge drink in a can and will cause someone to become legally drunk without knowing it.

This is great! Now you can really mean it when you say, “but I’ve only had 1 drink officer.” No word yet from Blast or Billy Dee.  



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