Ladytiger Superstar: Kate Middleton

I love Kate Middleton. It’s refreshing to see such Ladylike grace as opposed to women flipping tables or doing cartwheels on the beach with no underwear on. And yes, I did shed a tear watching the wedding because I’m a weepy crybaby head who wanted to see what Mr. Hotman David Beckham was wearing: Stunning as always, married as usual.

After listening to the royal couple take their vows – I realized that Kate is my kind of girl. Because she told the future King of England that she will “love, honor and keep” her husband but not “obey.”

This is interesting news. After all, every other woman in the royal family, including Diana, promised to obey their husbands. I think Kate got the memo. I think that Kate keeps a copy of this video tucked under her pillow.

All kidding aside, I love Princess Diana for her grace and compassion and am happy to see William and Kate carrying on that tradition in a non-traditional way. Kate’s a strong, independent, educated role model and I’m happy to see her shine.

I wonder how the girls who smeared excrement on Kate’s pillow when she was 13 feel about the marriage. I know how Kate feels:

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