Just Cuz: It’s the new Miami Anthem

If you like booty shaking back-sided boom-tunes written with magnets on a mirror during a dinner party, well, this is your Jam of the Day.

Glorious Perfect Ass Money makes me want to shoulder hump everybody. What does it sound like? We don’t know. It hasn’t been recorded. But it is written and we believe it’s the next break-em-up hit.

For starters, there’s the album cover. That’s half the battle right? I mean look at Itunes DJ’s. All you need is a look and some lip and you can break into any side of that business. Why not do it with songs now. Yo money, I don’t have demo or a band…but I have the song…it’s in my head and you’re gonna have to pay me in holler monkeys to get it.

Yes, this post makes no sense. But neither did R. Kelly when he wrote about how some chick reminded him of his jeep. If “In The Closet” can hit the charts so can GPA$ – I mean, we’re even giving it the Kei$ha touch.

I’ll propose a contest for anyone interested in producing this song and submitting it to LadyTiger Productions. Let’s make it the next hit on the poop charts together. The prize is nothing more than a mustache cup. Here’s my vision.

A little of this:

With a little of that:

Smooth like a baby seal!

Awwww yeah.

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