Tiger Eye Trend Report: Elizabeth Taylor in Iran

Readers, I’m a slacky poo. Believe it or not, my trip to Miami was shortened by 3 days of sickness from inhaling too much mold. Not as a party drug but part of an air conditioner gone wrong: I guess my Northeast lungs needed to adjust to this Tropical environment. I’m telling you now. The ocean cures all. Instead of spending my time in bed, I spent it in the sun, which is another way of burning any illness out of your body.

But I’m digressing and making excuses for being a lazy butt.

If you live in Los Angeles between now and June 12th it’s time check out the “Elizabeth Taylor in Iran” photograph exhibit at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA). In 1976, Taylor took photographer Firooz Zahedi to Iran. They traveled to the tourist sites of Persepolis, Shiraz and Isfahan. Zahedi, who was about to graduate art school at the time, was also from Iran and hadn’t seen the country since he was a child.

This exhibit showcases Taylor’s free spirit and adventurous, wild nature. She was 44 years old when these photos were taken. I often think of what my mom says about how women in there 40’s look their best. That’s certainly true in this case. I’ve written about Miz Taylor before however these shots are so inspirational to me and reveal the reason as to why Elizabeth Taylor was one hell of a Lady Tiger.

This is Elizabeth Taylor wearing a traditional Burqa:

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