Disco Tag Sale!

Greetings readers! Like the woman at David’s Café said to me, “Long time, no see.” I’ve been so busy doing what I do best in Miami: absolutely nothing.

I’ve returned with a hefty to-do list. On the top of this check-it-on-down are the words: Disco Tag Sale.

What is a disco tag sale? It ‘s a sale of cute stuff for cheap. It’s happening on the Lawn In Front Of My Neighbor’s House on Saturday June 18th 2011 from 9AM to 2PM.

Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll be posting pictures of the things that must go. Like this guy:

Blue Study: Vintage Desk with Built in Chair - $15.00

A similar looking chair, found here on Etsy, costs over $80 (and it doesn’t even come with a desk). LadyTiger Special for all the lovely people in this world: $15.00.

There will be movies, music and beautiful men handing out muffins and massages.  I made up that last part up about the men but I will be providing the muffins.

Hope you can make it!

All proceeds of The Disco Tag Sale go to the I need a new camera fund.

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