Disco Tag Sale: Mr. Owl Man

Mr. Owl Man available at The Disco Tag Sale

Owls have been called cats with wings because they share a unique and intuitive sense about the world.  Many Native American myths and legends call upon Owls when they need spiritual guidance or enlightenment – there is even a way to calculate what animal sign you are based on your birth date – similar to the zodiac. To find out what your animal totem is click here.

We all remember Peruses’ journey in the original movie version of Clash of The Titans; he was guided by an owl’s wisdom. If you find yourself unable to see all sides of a situation, invoke an owl spirit, you may find the solutions you’re looking for (if you believe such things).

In the meantime, this is the perfect opportunity to insert a side-note about the remake of Clash of The Titans, which can be broken down into 5 simple points:

  1. Horrific acting jobs of everyone involved (except Pegasus).
  2. Seeing it in 3D really made it suck even more.
  3. Supermodel Medusa: sashay that snake hair, girl!
  4. “Dude” should have been at the end of every line of dialogue that came out of Sam Worthington’s mouth – and were there razors in ancient times to give someone the perfect buzz cut? I will say that he is one handsome man – I would be more than happy to wash my clothes on his tummy anytime.
  5. They threw the owl away like it was trash and replaced it with some pout-lip couture. Although I kind of dig me some Wooly Mammoth Chic:

 Is it just me or;

The Disco Tag Sale is going on down on the Lawn In Front Of My Neighbor’s House on Saturday 6/18 from 9AM to 2PM. 

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