Studio 54: The Men Behind the Moon

Steve Rubell (hat) and Ian Shrager giving us the "Gilligan-we-just-took-over-Manhatten-Island" look.

On April 16th1977, Studio 54 opened in New York City. Created by a polar-opposite team of businessman, Ian Shrager and Steve Rubell, Studio became a symbol of individual expression, groundbreaking style and of course, sexual freedom. It was where you went to see the who’s who of what’s what. It was also, in my opinion, a stage where the first reality stars were born. Normal folks, like my dentist and hairdresser, would show up, get in and rub elbows with the brightest stars of their day. Naturally there were VIP areas, but they were less conformed, less restricted and at the end of a very long night, dissolved in the declaration of getting down. Such as:

The infamous Man in the Moon which left nothing to the imagination.

Of course drugs and money mismanagement led to a Federal Raid by the IRS in 1979 and a little time in jail. Rubell sadly,  succumbed to Hepatitis C as a result of AIDS in 1989 while Shrager made a fortune in the hotel business – which goes to show, once again, that drugs don’t work: Capes, Halston and Liza Minnelli do:

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