All You Have to bring…is your love of Lord of the Rings.

Mount Airy Lodge back in the day - along with Mr. Handsome Towel Man.

I was a late Tolkien-bloomer. My friend Matt took me to see the first movie and I was hooked after that. Read all the books; seen all the movies, even this one from 1978:

Did you know you can take a Lord of the Ring’s tour in New Zealand complete with oversized furniture and 2nd breakfast. Packages begin at $999.00 not including airfare which will run you close to 2K.

Or you can go to Manchester, VT instead. Nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains, it’s where the North Shire has apparently relocated:

I used to dream about going to beautiful Mount Airy Lodge because all you have to bring there is your love of everything – and at the time – I did love it all. Plus you got to sit in champagne bath tub and catch chlamydia.

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