Peace, Love and the Loss of Soul

Bringing the soul.

I have to be clear to all my readers, you 3 know who you are, that it’s been a rough ride these past months. I’m in a bunker below the earth with terrible WiFi and haven’t been able to be as current with my events as I’d like. Therefore you can imagine when word reached my ears that Uncle Don Cornelius had died on February 1st from an apparent suicide, not being able to write about it that day was like having my fingers chopped off.

I won’t say much about old news except that Don was pioneer who put hip-hop on the map with peace, love and much soul. Soul Train was the only train in town to give up-in-coming African American artists a platform to perform – and the fashion obessessed something to get excited about such as:

And of course:

Can’t forget a little of:

MMMMM. I beginning to think I’m selfish for playing all these but once my soul starts, it can’t be stopped:

Yesterday, 100 dancers gathered flash-mob style in Times Square to pay tribute to Cornelius:

 Another missed opportunity on my part. I was so bummed to miss that event, (being all the way on the other side of the country in AZ). I did however, do a disco twirl around my living room in his memory while watching a rerun of Saturday Night Fever. Dig.

Ah! John T…before the fall.

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