Nothing lasts like a lady who knows herself and for me, getting to that journey hasn’t been the smoothest of roads. I haven’t been one to pounce on the pray of life to where I destroy someone in the process. Since entering a realm of self-discovery – and looking to find the greatest love of all – (yes, I will quote Ms. Houston, may she RIP), I’ve realized what I’ve been striving for and what I have found are two very different things.

What is required for success? I always thought an accumulation of things was a good start. I pads and I pods and all the expensive jazz that’s supposed to make our neighbors jealous. Truth is the neighbors aren’t looking – they’ve got their own fish to fry – and if it doesn’t concern them, my exprience is that they don’t care. Everyone has their own back to look out for. Therefore when buying isn’t enough to fill the void that neighbors can, I realized that a sense of community is more of a commodity. It’s nice to knock on the door across the hall from yours to borrow sugar and make conversation.

I’ve recently relocated to Arizona and live in a small town where people work together rather than for themselves. They support one another and care for internal qualitities rather than the external satisfactions. Having grown up in cities with an affulent flair, it has taken a bit to get used to. No one is out to get ahead because they are all moving at the same pace – and following that flow makes for a better rhythm.

Anyway that’s my babble for today. For the sake of and honor of freestyle writing, thanks for reading this, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Here’s a baby tiger:

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