T is for Trend Report

I’ve been living under a rock for the past few months – disconnected and working exclusively on my fitness. Sticking my head out I couldn’t help but noticed what many of you have already seen: Spring Trends for 2012.

I normally don’t follow trends – I find fashion to be a lot more interesting when you poke around a thrift store and find items that speak to you. Trouble is thrift stores these days are more picked over than a nose after a 4-day coke binge. Nothing but a bunch of bad tops with crappy prints from a disposable retail operation like Wal-mart who has soured such once-fab brands like this:


For this year it seams that shorts suits and pastels are the rage. Pastels give me a warm and fuzzy feeling because they remind me of warm weather – which in turn reminds me of Miami – which in turn reminds me of Cuban men – which in turn reminds me of when I got laid every 3 days and life was good.


Here’s the pastel breakdown – sure to shine the Sonny in your Crockett:

as opposed to:

Bold prints:

Which reminds me of:

Who was in a 90’s band which had this song:

Which begs the questions: are the 90’s sticking around like the 60’s or are the 60’s just back because the 9 is upside down? Or is it a combo of 1970’s lines – 60’s prints – and 90’s colors.

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1 Response to T is for Trend Report

  1. girl. love is EVERYTHING! and so is Lady Miss Kier!

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