Men with Pussycat Rentals

I need a little uplift after thinking about Kurt Cobain’s death. So I’m taking inspiration from the photograph of my previous article: men with cats. Apparently it’s the all the rage.

I'm going make Christina Aguilera an offer she can't refuse.

I want to start with Cee Lo Green’s perched white pussycat Purrfect that sits on his lap on the Voice. That’s Purrfect with 2 R’s thankyouverymuch. Homegirl has her own Twitter page with more than 35,000 followers and is a PR ballin’ machine. I know a lot of people say Cee Lo is doing his best Dr. Evil impression – but I beg to differ – however:

I’m going to say Cee Lo Green took his inspurration from another source.

The story is that the cat was on-set of the Godfather and just took a liking to Marlon Brando. Speaking of patting cats, this is my favorite cat-petting video EVER.

I get to get out more.

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