Tiger Eye Trend Report: White Suits

White suits for a hot day are my recent favorite piece of fashion. There’s no better way to look like a delicate flower while whipping up a sue-you-sandwich than a tailored two-piece. Of course, I am a bit biased about this look partly because of this:

I feel that women in charge wear white suits because it’s a great combination of feminine-softness with a savvy-boardroom mentality. I often think of Marlene Dietrich who gained fame for being one of the first women of her time to wear pants as well as:

There is much debate over whether or not Yves Saint Laurent was the one to have invented the tuxedo suit for women. In general I always think of YSL when I think of white suits because he famously outfitted the following icons:

Bianca and Mick-the-love-of-my-life Jagger

Indeed the 1970’s were awash in white suits however it was not YSL who designed perhaps the most famous white suit of all time. It was costume designer Patrizia von Brandenstein who deliberately kept this suit from looking brand new because the man who owned it could not realistically afford to buy beyond polyester:

Which sadly leads me to my final point – Robin Gibb my disco prayers are with you.

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