Authentically Chic: Women on White Horseback

It’s May Day – not Memorial Day and I’m already obsessing over whiteness. Not racial white, mind you, as I firmly believe we all are of 1 race – the human race – but white fire women riding white horses for no other reason than to be featured on this blog (because I’m THAT fancy).

There is a Canadian organization called the Whitehorse Aboriginal Circle which provides a platform for Aboriginal women to discuss issues of domestic violence occurring within their community, as well as a woman featured in this article from 1918 bringing women’s rights on her white horse to the Northeast and beyond.

There is also all this metaphorical talk about riding a white horse. I’m not going to speculate but I’ll assume it means to dance within the confines of Lindsay Lohan’s nose. Kinda makes this next photograph ironic:

Indeed there is no better way to enter a party of that sort. Bianca was certainly making it clear to all the drug dealers at Studio 54 that she would not be riding a heroin horse that evening.

Indeed it was the song by Goldfrapp that led me to write this blog today. Of course a lady like me loves a good hat too:

In mythology white horses signify the sun and fertility – as well as the usher in of end-of-the-world.  Uh-oh. Hand me a Missoni tissue and let’s sulk about this for a minute.

Happy May Day!

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