Sound Hall at Intercambio – the best jam in the land.

Sound Hall is a series of musical and speaker performances aimed at gathering a diverse group of folks to listen and talk about music. Held at different venues throughout New Haven and cosponsored by the Public Humanities Initiative at Yale University, Sound Hall from what I experienced, is a much-needed addition to the Elm City.

Held at my favorite of all places, InterCambio on 756 Chapel Street, last night’s featured act was the Chicago Underground Duo. Let me just begin by saying don’t take the Lady to a jazz show and not expect her to do a thorough and utter get-down. My legs shook; my shoulders bopped and my mind walked down streets that had forgotten what makes jazz in its essence so delicious.

A combination of African, Electronic and Colorist jazz, the music was an experience to witness as well as hear. The ebb and flow between members Chad Taylor and Rob Mazurek is mad scientist meets Buddha lightening. It calms, confuses, enlightens, lifts and puts listeners (at least this one) in an auditory mediative state. I came to – not knowing where I’d gone – but happy to send a postcard next time I return.

I also bought their CD (the first time since 2003!) since Sound Hall takes donations (usually $5-$15) and gives 100% of the earnings to the artists.

Tonight at InterCambio is Knife Thrower featuring works by local artist, Dan Greene.

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