Authentically Chic: Kiki De Montparnasse

I think it’s terribly unnatural for a lady not to have a lover in Spring – yet lovers these days are all bent backwards, right John?

I’m thinking a lot about chocolate and unavailable men and how both turn into bad habits quickly. Getting laid in spring is like a tiger hunt and believe me, this Lady is earning her stripes. I’m primping my entire body in anticipation: working out a lot, buying lacy underwear and thinking, this would be so much easier if I were in Miami.

Some places sizzle with sexual possibilities and others, like Connecticut, don’t. I mean we are overpassing blue laws and keeping the liquor stores open on Sundays (that’s sure to drag a few people out of church).

When you come from a place where people are always naked; and if you live in that place for 5 years, you begin to feel the New England chill (as opposed to tingle) upon your return. Certainly this in just my experience. If you have different opinion, surely let me know. And if you look like this, feel free to sit on my face give me a call.

Kiki de Montparnasse was born Alice Ernestine Prin on October 2, 1901 in Châtillon-sur-SeineCôte d’Or. She grew up an illegitimate child in poverty. At 12, she was sent to Paris to live with her mother and began posing nude for sculptors at age 14. She was the artist Man-Ray’s muse and companion. He featured her in many of his famous works including:

It is said that when Man-Ray first laid eyes on Kiki what he was taken by the most was her sense of freedom. She has been called “one of the century’s first truly independent woman.”Kiki was an artist herself and produced many self portraits, drawings and sculptors. She died at age 51 from drug and alcohol dependency.

I’m taken by Kiki’s spirit for it braver than most men – as a non-exibisionist (thank you New England) I will admit I found it difficult wearing a bathing suit on the beach when I first moved to Miami – and now look how far I’ve come.

Kiki reminds me of a quote from Erica Jong’s book Any Woman’s Blues, “A young woman who knows her sexual power is a rarity indeed, but she is unbeatable. And if she happens to also be smart and talented and has the crazed bravado…then there is no stopping her.”

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