Tiger Treats: Gracehaven

Gracehaven is an organization that brings light and hope to underage victims of the sex traffic trade. Founded in 2008 and located outside of Columbus, Ohio, the group works to find and free underage girls from the bondage of slavery. In addition, Gracehaven works to raise awareness and educate the public about the growing problem of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Here are some facts about sex trafficking you may not be aware of:

    • Human Trafficking Is The Fastest Growing Criminal Enterprise In The World
    • Human Trafficking Is The Second Largest Criminal Enterprise In The World
    • There Are An Estimated 27 Million People Trapped In Slavery At This Moment
    • There Are An Estimated 13 Million Children Trapped In Slavery At This Moment
    • The Average Age Of A Young Woman First Being Trafficked Is 12-14 Years Old
    • 75% Of Human Trafficking Is For Sexual Exploitation
    • 75% Of All Victims Of Human Trafficking Are Female
    • Over 50% Of All Human Trafficking Victims Are Children – some as young as 6 months old!
    • The sex trade brings in an average of $31 billion dollars a year.

A 6-month year old baby being used as sex toy is unfathomable to me. It breaks my heart. I have 3 little girl cousins between the ages of 9-15. It is unthinkable that they could be kidnapped and subjected to repeated rape, mutilation, violence and disease right in my own backyard. Yet this is happening everyday in every corner of the United States. It is imperative that we educate ourselves not only on helping victims but identifying them. We must also stand firm against the people who pimp these children. Remember supply of these slaves is in the demand of the people – and the people who demand these slaves do not want to be exposed.

To report any suspected trafficking activity, click here.

Gracehaven intends to open a shelter for these girls this year. To donate outright to the organization, please click here. And thank you!

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