Authentically Chic: Starring Ali McGraw

For the hippie flower child in us all Ali McGraw (born April 1, 1939) embodies the look of Bohemian chic. Why? Because she lived it. Ali worked as a model, photographic assistant at Harper’s Bizarre and stylist for Vogue. She was discovered while doing a commercial for Polaroid Swinger camera and went on to make one of the most popular movies of all time, Love Story. Her style has landed her on Richard Blackwell’s worst dress list in 1970 as well as influenced trends coming out in Spring 2012. I guess one man’s trash is another designer’s treasure. Proof that everything gets better with age. In fact, Ali spoke on a recent radio program with Oprah about just that: aging and feeling good doing it. It’s something we as women must all face – and can face – without endless facelifts.

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