Thrift Score!

Tiger Thrift Score!

I LOVE thrift store shopping. It’s my favorite contact sport. The pluck and thrill of the hunt; the mounds of less-than-smelly-clothing; the golden find. I’ve been thrifting since the 90’s kids and let me tell you, times have changed. From the Golden Girls to disco to Nirvana, my Salvation Army experience has come full circle.

My favorite thrift store was located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. It was in a church basement which my friends and I affectionically renamed The Mother-fucking Church Bizarre. This is because we wanted to keep this jewel of a vintage stash secret – hitting the clubs and getting loads of compliments on items we paid pennies for – MFCB become synonymous and code for dope shit.

In the back of MFCB there was another thrift store appropriately named the Nifty-Thrifty. This place sold stuff for as little as $0.05! That’s 5 cent – not 50. I would arrive with empty bags and have to purchase more bags to haul all my stuff home. It was a hoarders dream minus the horrific cockroaches. I still have my Members Only Jacket that I bought at the Nifty Thrifty for $0.10!

Sadly, both thrift stores were destroyed in a fire five years ago. They rebuilt the church but there’s no word on whether the Nifty-Thrifty will phoenix itself back into our lives with ten-cent deals. In the meantime, here’s my most recent thrift score!

This is a Miss Elliette dress from the 1960’s in MINT condition with the exception of a slight stain at the bottom of the dress that I plan to lap off (meaning tailor):

I also found these fun bracelets:

If you have a thrift score I want to see it! Send me pictures of what you find at the thrift store and stayed tuned for Tiger Den Vintage, my new Etsy site that will up and running September 2012! 

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