Authentically Chic: Katharine Ross

It’s a part-your-hair-in-the-middle kind of day and nothing sets off my hippie-twirl like Katharine Ross. Born on January 29th (a fellow Capricorn) Katharine is best known for her roles in the classic films: The Graduate, Stepford Wives and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (which is you haven’t seen let me give you delicious reasons why you should):

Robert Redford for his delicious mustache and Paul Newman for looking like Paul Newman.

Growing up in California with a father who was in the Navy, Katharine studied acting in San Francisco and joined The Actors Workshop for three years. She was brought to Hollywood by Metro Studios and picked up by Universal for the following 3 reasons:

a. Freckles and red checkered gingham:

b. Body:

Click the above picture for an auditory experience you will not forget.

c: Vogue:

That’s right. I said it: VOGUE

What makes me love Katharine Ross so completely is how natural she was back in those days. Simple skin. Simple hair. In and overdone age, it’s a refreshing breeze. Her most recent movie, for all you hipsters, was Donnie Darko. She played Donnie’s therapist. As a retiring hipster myself, I consider Katharine an inspiration to my summer look.

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