Grown-ups wear the white pants.

Two days ago I purchased 2 pairs of white pants. This is a big move for me. I normally don’t wear white because virginal bride wear is not my look and white tends to get dirty. There’s nothing worse than wearing white, spilling something on it and then adding that stain to your ensemble for an entire evening.

Tip: it’s always good to have an emergency accessory kit accessible for a quick-broach-fix in case you’re miles away from a washing machine. 

Owning white pants is a grown up thing. It says to the world – I don’t need to hide out in crack houses or sit on dirty floors anymore. I am clean, chic and stain-free from the waist down at least. I am also concerned. There’s a lot of dirt out there – and it can hit you at any time and without warning. Wearing white pants has made me hyperaware to potential stains. Potential stains can ruin well-planned outfits making it look like you can’t feed yourself properly. I have to sit on cushions now and make sure that my car seat isn’t covered in chocolate.

Frankly, wearing white is high maintenance and completely appealing to my border-line OCD. So much so that I created a list of ways you can preserve white pants on a hot, sticky and hopefully for you filthy night:

1. Bring a blanket: so you can always sit on something clean.

2. Spray Scotch Guard: this will keep your fabric stiff and dandy.

3. Have an emergency go-to kit (booty-call-bag) with extra clothes in case you stain your pants beyond repair, naughty.

4. There is time in every Lady’s life (once a month) where white pants are forbidden.

5. Don’t spend a lot of money on white pants because they only last an average of 2 seasons.

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1 Response to Grown-ups wear the white pants.

  1. Zachary Shafran says:

    tide pens and shout wipes are also goodies that can fit in a small clutch or evening bag that can provide a quick drying fix, because as you know “it is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at night (see Paris is Burning!!!!)

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