Tiger Rant: You’re so disgusting…I wouldn’t even rape you.

This picture is from the blog: raped at tufts which can be accessed by clicking it.

There’s so much debate about Debbie Piscitella coming to the defense of her teenage daughter who was repeatedly harassed – to the point of suicide – by a boy on Facebook. When Debbie encountered this boy with her daughter at a Florida mall over the weekend, she went ape shit and choked him. Here’s a video of the woman on Dr. Drew:

There’s a lot of backlash from parents about this – I’ve read comments about how “two wrongs don’t make a right.” However, what I’d like to know is how the wrongness of rape is considered the right type of insult to a 13 year-old-girl? Does this boy believe he’s actually gifting women by raping them? And that the ones who aren’t pretty enough are not worthy enough to have their wills and bodies violated?

This disturbs me more than the notion of having a grown woman choke a child – to me this child is more dangerous than the adult. He’s obviously learned – through whatever means – that rape is okay but raping an ugly girl is not.

I did some research on the internet about rape and found a survey of students that was conducted by the University of Illinois. The results present some very disturbing statistics:

  • 51% of the boys and 41% of the girls said forced sex was acceptable if the boy, “spent a lot of money” on the girl.
  • 31% of the boys and 32% of the girls said it was acceptable for a man to rape a woman with past sexual experience;
  • 87% of boys and 79% of girls said sexual assault was acceptable if the man and the woman were married;
  • 65% of the boys and 47% of the girls said it was acceptable for a boy to rape a girl if they had been dating for more than six months.

I don’t care that this is a boy and that the comments came from a kid. Creating an idea that beauty makes a woman rape-worthy is a terrible road to tread upon. I’ve never been raped but I know women who have and let me tell you: none of them woke up in the morning feeling pretty about what happened. In fact, many of them turned the ugly act of rape on themselves becoming withdrawn, depressed and suicidal. Many of them even died because their voices went unheard – or even worse – not believed. By turning victims of rape into perpetrators, we send a message that these women and children deserve what they got; by allowing rape-is-okay-slips to leak into public consciousness, we condone rape culture; when 97% of rapists never spend a day in jail, it’s time for active change. This isn’t a feminist issue – it’s a human rights concern and it affects us all.

If you are someone you know has been raped, click this sentence to be connected to RAINN – The Rape Abuse Incest National Network and know you’re not alone.

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