Where Do Yard Sales Come From?

Yesterday was my disco tag sale and I have to say that despite some rain and competition from other non-disco-yard-sales in the neighborhood, I managed to make some money. I also learned a thing or two about friends. They never will help you move or have a tag sale. I don’t blame them one bit. Who wants to lift big pieces of furniture up two flights of stairs? Any takers? Me neither. Although witnessing my own strength (thank you Yoga) got me thinking that it may be time to join the WWF – and call myself Napoleon-Hercules.

Where do garage sales come from? Well, they have several different names depending on what part of the country you’re in: rummage sale, yard sale, moving sale, junk sale are but some of the many names used to describe the selling of one’s shit stuff. Certainly I had loads of stuff to sell and then some – how wonderful that we can open our front doors and make money! The theory is that tag sales began in the suburbs during the 1950’s. Makes sense since that was the time that consumerism in the United States reached record levels and the accumulation of things begun stealing space in their garage.

Documentary filmmaker Robert A. Emmons Jr, explores the question of where yard sales come from in his short-film YardSale! (which I strongly recommend). Since I can hardly type without Ibuprofen I’m taking the lazy road and using pictures instead of words:

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