Authentically Chic: Clara Bow

Dubbed the original “It girl” for her role as a punky shopgirl in the 1927 silent film “It,” Clara Bow epitomized the sassy chicness of 1920’s glamour. Born in 1904, Clara lived in poverty taking care of her mentally ill mother, Sarah, who suffered a severe head injury from falling out of a 2nd story window. In 1921, at age 16, Clara competed in a Fame and Fortune contest gaining recognition for her confidence, ambition and “genuine spark of divine fire.” Clara carried that fire in over 58 films and is the face of true flapper style:

I’ve got Clara’s movies in my Netflix queue and I’m telling you – “It” is it. It’s a Cinderella story of a salesgirl who falls in love with her boss who also happens to be a wealthy playboy. Bow warms his heart with her sex appeal known in the movie as “it.” You either have it or you don’t and in Clara’s case, she’s got it to spare. Clara also spares some lovely looks and invents new ways to wear hats and headscarves including:

Indeed her pluck and attitude carried her to much success – although she was known in Hollywood to have terrible manners – a fantastic attribute to a lady like me who doesn’t particularly care to play by the rules. In fact, Bow broke most of them – and many of her engagements as well which included the likes of Gary Cooper,  the director Victor Fleming, and “Latin Lover” (girl after my own heart) Gilbert Roland. Clara died in 1965 from a heart attack at age 60. She’s been gone for 47 years yet her look at that time seems so relevant today. Maybe it’s because we all need a little roaring 20’s to pick our necks up out of this depression. Is it me or she giving you a little Isabella Rossellini?

Ladies, if you’re looking for a little confidence boost – watch “It.” It will inspire your own spark of divine fire – and show you how to tame your weave on a hot and sticky summer night.

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