Your Weekly Handsome Mustache: Nicky Barnes


How much hair could a man chop chop if a man-chop looked this good?

Well, I’ll tell you. There isn’t a man-chop that could chop down a tree faster than Uncle Nicky Barnes. Notorious Drug Lord and Machiavellian aficionado. He’ll quote the Prince faster than Prince quotes his own lyrics. Barnes formed one of the first African American crimes families known as The Council which controlled the heroin trade in Harlem during the 1970’s. He currently has a $1 million dollar price tag on his head, but he hasn’t let that hang-up get his mustache down:

Nicky has written an autobiography, starred in his very own documentary an showed up as Cuban Gooding Jr. in the acclaimed film, American Gangster. The whereabouts of his mustache are currently unknown since he entered the Witness Protection Program. He did show up to be interviewed by Howard Stern in 2007.

Speaking of showing up, I hope to see you tomorrow night picking up what I’m putting down. Dig this Saturday night sample which came from the Nicky Barnes documentary Mr. Untouchable:

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