Tiger Rant: Don’t mess with my Michigan Vagina.

Let’s hear it for vaginas because without them, none of us would be here. That didn’t stop Michigan elected, Lisa Brown from being banned from Congress for a day because she used the word when speaking in an abortion debate. House of Republican leaders issued a one-day revocation (a nice way of saying shut-the-fuck-up) to Brown and fellow  Democratic state Rep. Barb Byrum who were standing up against new legislation that would impose further restrictions on abortions.

Their solution: recite the controversial play Vagina Monologues on the steps of the State capital yesterday – and invite the author, Eve Ensler, to come along. Ensler flew in from California especially for the rally and joined over 2,500 people who showed up chanting “vagina” until the congresswoman took the stage.

It’s about time we stand up for our vaginas – otherwise people will try to control them. If people are intent to suppress the word – they are more than eager to control the part. Because to control a vagina is to control the world. For years men thought women had loads of penis envy – apparently the tide has turned – and the seas – as we say – have parted.

Maybe we are beginning to see how powerful that piece of organ and skin is between our legs. After all, it is the cradle of life and sin – two great tastes that go great together. In relation, mine is a tiger and I always put her before the lady. Her name is Poonatz and together we have conquered many a mountain in Cuba. I think it’s wise for a lady of any age to name their vagina. If you name it – you can claim it – and if you claim it – you can never shame it. No matter who tries to seal our lips – and suppress our sexuality – know that we carry a weapon more deadlier than napalm under our pants every day. Just ask this guy.

And this guy:

This guy:

And all of the guys in the Secret Service! Viva Columbia!

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