Tiger Eye Trend Report: Ciao! Manhattan

There’s so much to say about Edie Sedgewick. She was the it-est of its and steps ahead of her time. Her style is still being emulated 40 years after her death. Certainly  you could devote several blogs to her name, earrings, hospitalizations, men and haircuts.  There is so much I identify with and love about her – but I’m going to keep it to a simple rattle and talk about her last movie, Ciao! Manhattan – and her boobs, which are all over that film.

Ladies, I’ve never had boob envy before. To me, they can be a nuisance. My biggest compliant around that time of the month when I turn into a holler monkey in heat, is how big my boobs are. They get in the way of everything and make my tight tops not fit right. My cups be runneth over – even when I throw them in a push-up bra – and hit set it to forget it. However, Edie Sedgewick’s boobs are beautiful. If I were every to go to the plastic surgeon – I’d bring this picture along with me:

Man! I’m jealous.

Dead of a barbiturate overdose at age 28, Ciao! Manhattan is a semi-autobiography of Edie’s life. The film was released in 1972 – only months after her death. It tells the tale of Susan Superstar and her wild adventures in NYC as one of Warhol’s darlings (Candy being the ultimate of darlings). She rises and falls from grace – succumbing to the drudgeries of drugs and fame – and returns to her privileged life in Los Angeles where she lives in her backyard pool under a tent. Content to be CRA, she gets men to wait on her and take her to her doctor appointments – which she always misses because she’s drunk.

Edie’s alter ego and cracked out performance make this very uncomfortable to watch. You literally see the deterioration of this beautiful woman before your eyes. At the end of the movie, Edie’s actual obituary is seen. You can’t help but feel bad.  This is a woman loved by many in utter hatred with herself.

Below are the Ciao! Manhattan tapes which feature interviews with Edie – she’s so verbally brilliant and articulate. Wise even within her own highs:

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