Happy Monday(s)!

If you’re reading this by now – thank you – it’s nearly 5:00! You’re almost done with your Monday. Did you know that Monday is considered the most miserable day of the week? People tend to complain the most, smile the least and have an overall unhappy day. It’s because we love our weekends and hate when they are over – it’s also due to not liking our jobs (although very unlikely in my case). It is for this reason that I’ve decided to bring in a master jam to cheer you up at the end of this unpopular day.

The Happy Mondays are a band from Manchester that gained notoriety in the 1990’s under the famed label Factory Records. Formed in 1980 – the original line-up consisted of Shaun Ryder on lead vocals, his brother Paul Ryder on bass, lead guitarist Mark Day, keyboardist Paul Davis, and drummer Gary Whelan. In addition, Mark “Bez” Berry joined the band as a dancer/percussionist and Rowetta Satchell provided back-up vocals on some of the Monday’s greatest tracks.

Known for their outlandish behavior and heavy drug use, the band has reincarnated itself four times! Miraculous when you consider how many drugs Shaun Ryder consumed. My two favorite stories about the Mondays are featured in the movie, 24 Hour Party People and consist of dead poisoned pigeons falling out of the sky and a whole lotta crack use in Jamaica. You can’t make this stuff up. Happy Monday!

If you hate Mondays too, go ahead a like the I Hate Mondays Facebook Page!

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