Flashback Outfit: Grand Can 1993

This photo has nothing to do with fashion – although I was wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt from 1993 and some jean shorts (a Doors t-shirt would have been more desert-appropriate):

Anyhoo, here I am at 14 years old – standing in a place I’m about to move to. I didn’t know it then – but the place I visited when I was young – would become my home when I grow up. Where I’m living is an hour and half south from this place – which if you which if you haven’t figured it out – its time for a lesson in national parks and geography – is the Grand Canyon.

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2 Responses to Flashback Outfit: Grand Can 1993

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  2. I go to school in Canada and we just learned about this in our class.
    Thanks for helping me with the last little bit of my report.

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