Tiger Rant: Why are they snatching little girls?

I’m going out on a limb here – so feel free to tell me how far I’m about to fall. Lately it seems a lot of little women are being abducted or vanishing into thin air. These are young women – baby women. Here are 3 recent cases:

If you haven’t heard or didn’t know – sex trafficking is about to surpass drug sales on the black market. Young women and girls (as well as boys) are being targeted for their age – and used for their bodies – being bought and sold – raped and killed – right in our own backyards:

The American children and women who are trafficked come from big cities and small towns. They come from affluent, middle class, and lower-income families and from many ethnic backgrounds. 

When I hear about little girls disappearing my jaded mind goes in one direction. Girls as young as 6 months old (that’s an infant, by the way) can fetch high prices for men 10 times their age. These same children are raped 10-20 times a night – see no money – are beaten – disfigured and then discarded. Between the money a young girl can make coupled with the need of the Johns (who want to fuck 3 year olds), supply is in demand. Sadly, that supply is right next door – or upstairs – or down the hall from where you’re reading this right now:

Sex traffickers target children because of their vulnerability and gullibility, as well as the market demand for young victims. Those who recruit minors into prostitution violate federal anti-trafficking laws, even if there is no coercion or movement across state lines. The children at risk are not just high school students—studies demonstrate that pimps prey on victims as young as 12. Traffickers have been reported targeting their minor victims through telephone chat-lines, clubs, on the street, through friends, and at malls, as well as using girls to recruit other girls at schools and after-school programs.

This isn’t a scare-ploy. More of a wake up call. I’m committed to educating as many people as I can about sex trafficking in the United States – luckily people with power are making moves and working towards exposing these crimes and vindicating the victims. For more ways you can get involved, click here.

Thank you for reading this blog today – this is so important to my heart and to the Lady Tiger cause. Speaking of Lady Tigers, both those little girls who fought off their attackers are certainly tigers in their own right. Good for them and good for their parents who taught them what to do.

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