Lady Tiger Superstar! Girls Rock Camp Boston


This new segment highlights people who are superstars in their own community. Not because they throw a party or sit in a hot tub (sorry Jersey Shore, love you boos) but because they spread love, enlightenment and good deeds throughout their communities. Today’s Lady Tiger Superstar is Hilken Mancini and Girls Rock Camp Boston.

Growing up in the 1990’s I was with the boys in the band on groupie patrol. My best friend Rob was the drummer in Sum of All Fears, and he put me in charge of all the backstage passes. I was too cool (and too much of a lady) to be just a groupie. If only I had gone a step beyond that point and picked up a guitar.

Hilken Mancini certainly did. Growing up in Syracuse NY, she describes to Boston Globe as feeling isolated as a girl growing in a time when there wasn’t many female role models in music. Hilken attended Boston Conservatory only to drop out and hit the road with her band Fuzzy who toured with Dinosaur Jr. in the early 1990’s.

Hilken has taken her knowledge of the music industry and passed it around. She, along with Mary Lou Lord, have formed Girls Rock Camp Boston, an instructional rock ‘n’ roll camp for girls and women ages 8 to 16. This non-profit camp is run out of Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and is modeled after the first Girls Rock Camp which started in Portland, Oregon 9 years ago. The aim of the camp is to teach girls an instrument as well as other vital skills such forming a band, writing songs, t-shirt design and even self-defense. This is a great way for girls to express themselves as well as develop new talents, polish talents and build their self-esteem. Recently, Hilken expanded rock camp to make some room for the ladies – Ladies Rock Camp accepts students ages 19 and up.

For information about Girls Rock Camp Boston or to donate to their cause click here and join us Saturday 7/21st for the annual Girl’s Rock Showcase. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU CLICK THIS SENTENCE!

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