This has been an awesome Summer thus far, and you know what just made it even more awesome?  This urban turban tutorial and giveaway.

Hold your horses! … Before we get to the goods,  you have to see trend-setter Breckon (photographer’s daughter) in her urban turban.


*Sigh* I just love that beautiful, little girl.  Her mom’s not too bad either.

Urban Turban Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

  • Jersey Knit ( I used my husband’s jersey knit shirts he was getting rid of.  Old T-shirts are the way to go–cheaper and better variety in prints.
  • Sewing machine (ZIGZAG stitch for jersey or knit fabrices)  If your machine does not offer zigzag then set your stitch

Cut 2 fabric strips and *make sure the length of the strips go with the stretch of the fabric.

Right side facing, follow this step with both strips.  Turn the tubes right side out.

Be sure not

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