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As a person who appreciates hats, I have wanted a turban for so long! They are so tailored and the pleated detail makes them an in-trend accessory. I was unsure whether they would suit me and was also skeptical about its use as a fashion accessory because of its religious connotations,.However,  I finally plucked up the courage to buy one! I thought, “if other religious icons could be utilised for the world of fashion, why can’t the turban?” Crucifix’s are among the few Christian religious images which have been used for fashion’s sake. Madonna made this a staple piece of jewellery in the 1980’s! Topshop and other high street stores like River Island and Urban Outfitters recently sold bracelets which contain images of Christian religious figures. Here they are below:

 Madonna sporting crucifix earrings!

 Popular beaded bracelets!

I got my turban in VintageIreland’s vintage and antique decor fair in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghiare. It…

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