I saw this story today at the gym. I love the gym. I can catch up on all my news – 4 TV screens are always better than one when fishing for blogging stories.

This one doesn’t quite sit right with me. Aren’t we kinda-sorta siding with the bullies on this one by giving the kids they bullied free plastic surgery? To me, this is against the point of self-acceptance. While I applaud the medical professionals for donating their time – I’m wishing they emphasized more on the internal work – rather than a quick fix. Bullies, after all, make fun of whatever they make fun of. To turn around and get the made-fun-of-part changed reiterates (in my opinion) that the bullied kid isn’t good enough. If they were – why would they have to have their appearance altered?

I’m really glad that in this day and age speaking up and out against bullying has become more proactive. However, free plastic surgery is going a bit too far. Why not work from the inside out rather than the outside in? I know. I’m naive to even be going there. I just know from my own example, that quick fixes too often lead to bigger band-aids. The only thing that has put me on the path to true self-love and acceptance is – true self-love and acceptance.

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