Tiger Rant: iCRA

Kitty, internet crack is whack.

I’ve been slacking on the writing these days. My apologies. Truth is I’ve grown tired of my own consistency and had to take a vacation from the blog-arena.

A few days feels like 10 years in computer time. This is a problem. At least for my fledging self-esteem. What have I missed? Apparently a lot. I’ll admit, I just signed up for Instagram – 50 million users after the fact and sometimes most of the time I feel out of the loop. Life online is high maintenance. Pin this. Tweet that. What’s the difference between those two social media outlets anyway? All of this is just one big tracking device sucking us into the death star of oblivion. I have better things to do. Like breath clean air. Trouble is where I go – my computer goes with me. Safely tucked away in a carrying case. Do you think smart-phones are outsmarting us all? I do – and Newsweek agrees with me:

More cases of ADHD? Well that’s a relief. Because having more cases of ADHD would mean having more people on ADHD medication. Having more people on ADHD medication means the world is quickly becoming one giant speedball. No wonder people are more impulsive. I am too when I’m jacked up to my eyeballs on electronic cocaine.

I love the internet in doses. Small doses. Like chocolate cocaine too much is NOT a good thing. I marvel at the kid’s today. For the lack of attention spans they sure do stare at a screen a long time – about 11 hours in typical day. I don’t know if that’s the speed or commitment or what I like to call a delay in feeling left out.

Social media is like a crack-methathon popularity contest. How many likes does it take to get to the center of a Facebook page? And what exactly are we all trying to be popular for? A Justin Bieber shot of fame? Attention? How can we compete for attention when we all suffer from attention-defecit-disorder? Ass-backwards is the answer to these questions and more. Depression and psychosis are the results. Turns out an internet addicted brain looks about the same as drug-addicted one – and according to the Newsweek article – can even support extreme cases of mental illness:

At Stanford, Dr. Aboujaode is studying whether some digital selves should be counted as legitimate, pathological ‘alter of sorts’ like the alter egos documented in cases of multiple personality disorder (now called dissociative identity disorder). To test his idea, he gave one of his patients, Richard, a mild-mannered human-resources executive with a ruthless Web poker habit, the official test for multiple personality disorder. The result was startling. He scored as high as patient zero. ‘I might as well have been administrating the questionnaire to Sybil Dorsett!’ Aboujaode writes. 

So if you’ve been looking around and asking yourself why are there so many crazy people in the world today – this article may give you some answers. As for me, please like my FB page. I’m feeling rather low after looking at the feed and realizing that most of my friends live more exciting lives than I do; I haven’t quite been able to gain interest in Pinterest and am still wondering why Twitter exists.

Sounds like iDepressed.

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