Olympic Fashion Flashback: 1976

I’m a little obsessed with the 1970’s if you haven’t already figured that out. Since we are all being swept away by 2012’s Olympian display – I thought I would delve into some looks from that time. I want to point out the hairdo’s – particularly one’s that look like Dorothy Hamill’s famous coif.

The 1976 summer Olympics were held in Montreal, Canada – the winter games in Innsbruck, Austria. Some of the American uniforms of that time were designed by Halston, who in my opinion, shaped fashion in the 1970’s. I just like the look of early sportswear – although the fabrics were less than breathable. In fact, some of them were downright flammable. We can also clearly we see where American Apparel got many of their ideas, aside from watching loads of kiddie porn.

The logo’s and posters of that Olympic era are very inspiring to me – gotta love a good beaver with a rainbow across its back:

Hair. Which speaking of, what is going on with the feedback on Gabby Douglas’ hair? Really? Can’t a gal win an Olympic Gold Medal and be left alone.


Orange Backgrounds:

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