Putting the PRO in Protest.

Joan Rivers is my new master jam. This woman is a marketing genius. Yes. She is plastic-surgeried out more than Cher and Nicole Kidman combined – but good for her. Just because you can’t move your face doesn’t mean you can’t take a stand against the man.

Costco has currently banned Joan Rivers book,  “I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me” for a variety of reason – Joan’s reason being the best of course! This didn’t sit well with the comedienne who decided, as always to take matters in her own hands.

Yesterday, Joan showed up at Costco store in Burbank, Los Angeles. She handcuffed herself to a shopping cart (amazing) and preceded to compare the wholesale chain to Nazi Germany (again, amazing).  “People should have the right to have the literature they want,” she told KTLA News. “This is the beginning of Nazi Germany.”

Of course she brought her film crew along and looked, if I may say, her very best. I love me some Joan Rivers. She is showing the world how IT IS DONE. If you’re going to protest, do it with flair and a touch of the crazy sensational. No word yet from Costco as whether or not they will have a change of heart. As for Joan’s book, it’s spent 4 weeks on the NY Times Best Seller’s List – now that’s the best kind of change Joan can ask for.

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