Jam Of The Day: Herbie Hancock’s I Thought It Was You.

Oceans of Soul

I have been neglecting my DJness these days – I bet ya’ll didn’t know I have that trick up my sleeve. Jam Of The Day was one of the early columns on the Lady Tiger blog and I’m bringing it back, starting with Uncle Herbie Hancock.

If want to put some hair on your soul chest then you’ve GOT to get down with Herbie Hancock. “I thought it was you” is so smooth that my legs automatically start shaving themselves every time I hear it. Throw your Nair in the air and get ready for a Disco Twirl because this is some smooth-tastic stuff.

Herbie Hancock is a Chicago-born child prodigy who began playing the piano at age 7. By 11, he was performing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.5 with the Chicago Symphony. He attended the Manhattan School of Music in New York where he met and joined Miles Davis’ quartet in 1963. Davis sought Hancock out personally because he was thought of as the most promising talents in jazz.

You know when Miles Davis comes for you – you’ve got a trick or two up your electronic piano.

Hancock is most for known for winning as many music awards as anyonewhosstillalivefromthe1970’s. But that’s trifles compared to the composition of this masterpiece:

Okay, he didn’t REALLY compose the theme song for Fat Albert but I’ll use any excuse to play that song. He did compose a soundtrack for the Fat Albert and Cosby Kids called Fat Albert Rotunda.

Hancock’s soul with slap you in the face so get ready to get real when you hit the play switch on this one boys and girls. It’s like a tropical breeze in the 70’s combined with a decadent, rhyth-mack-tic, soul-driving sizzle. Can you smell the burn? If so, it’s Herbie (or maybe because you’ve kept the hair-removal cream on too long).

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