Flashback Outfit: WEEEE! HorsEy!

For those of you who read this blog – all 3 of you get a gold star on my fridge – then you know that back in the dizzzay I had a rather obscene obsession with Dee-Lite. Rave culture in general fascinated me. Maybe because I didn’t do any drugs yet and couldn’t understand how people could dance all night long to the same beat. Now I know and that knowledge is brought to you by the letter E.

I wasn’t on that letter when I decided to mount this horsey and ride in Carhartt overalls that were 40 sizes too big. Man, those things were stiff as Fred. I never got them to soften up no matter how much Snuggle fabric softener I used. I suppose in some ways they were Viagra overalls. Are you digging the Princess Lea hairdo? Me neither. I thought I was rocking a mean pigtail back in 1995. That’s why the playground you see behind me is empty – with the exception of the children in the distance who clearly can’t deal with my fantastic color-coordinating-one-tone-outfit. Matchy-matchy much?

And now an ExamplE of how DEE-litE did it back in thE day. I’ll givE you onE hint: orangE juicE.

PS: I’d tap DJ Dmitry’s mix tape. Just saying.

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