Girls 4 Sale: Sign A Petition…End Human Trafficking!

FAIR Girls stands for Free, Aware, Inspired, Restored. Click the picture to like their FB page.

Marie Claire features an article this month about human trafficking in the United States. Girls for Sale chronicles the work of Andrea Powell, executive director of FAIR Girls, a small nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. that helps underage girls get out of the sex trade.

Friday is the start of the weekend and one of the biggest days for making a buck off the back of girl. After all, Friday is when paychecks are issues and Johns cash in. One of the biggest culprits (or tools depending on your point of view) in buying girls is Similar to Craig’s List, Backpage is a place where you can buy cameras, find an apartment, adopt a puppy or find a 13 year old girl to have sex with:

On the Friday Powell is interviewed for the Marie Claire article, she finds over 200 postings in Backpage’s “escort” category – most ads feature girls that look as young as 12 posing in suggestive positions on motel beds. Many of these girls are dressed up by their pimps to look older than they actually are – this way a 15 year old can “list” her age as 19 and get away with it.

One of the woman Powell works with was a victim of backpage herself. “Alissa” gives Powell an experienced eye in looking for signs of adolescence: baby fat or barely developed curves – or both. Alissa bears a scar on her face given to her by a violent pimp at age 17. She is now 24 and dedicated to helping girls like herself get out of the sex trade.

The most disturbing part of this article was how girls are rated and given feedback about their services similar to the way I would rate an Ebay or Amazon transaction: “that tiny ass…perfect for doggy made it worth it for the $.”When I read that sentence written by “Denis1234” I was just floored and angry. I don’t understand how this is okay in the United States – then I read about the company who operates Backpage and things started to make sense.

Backpage is owned and operated by the Village Voice Media Company – last year its escort services made the company over 26 million. With figures like those its no wonder progress is turtle-slow to be made. But we can do something about it. Read and then click the story below and you will be redirected to FAIR’S website where they are signing petitions to end the escort service section on Backpage. Do it for the little girls you know and love because NO ONE especially young ones should be treated like commodities:

My name is Victoria, and I’m 13 years old. I recently found out that girls as young as me are being sold for sex by people using a classifieds website called 

You can buy and sell stuff on, look for an apartment, or find a job. That is all cool. But pimps are using to advertise girls my age to men twice their age and older, and that’s not okay. 

It makes me so upset to think that every night while I sleep safely in my bed, there are other girls who are spending the night being raped and abused. is owned by Village Voice Media. They read the news – they know that pimps have advertised girls for sex in the adult section of their website, but so far Village Voice Media has refused to take down the section. That’s why, with the help of my mom, I started a petition to tell to close the adult section so that girls aren’t bought and sold for sex by sick people using the site. 

I recently became friends with a girl who was advertised by her pimp on She’s 13 years old just like me. What happened to her is so scary. I don’t want any other girl to experience that. 

Kids deserve to play, to be free, and to go to bed each night and have sweet dreams. Let’s help them do that. Please sign my petition and share it with all your friends. 

–Victoria, age 13 (and Mary Pannell, my mom)

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