E-cigs are the new crack.

A Tasty and Delicious Treat – go ahead – click the picture to like their FB page! I know I’m shameless in my promotion but if you try other e-cigs you’ll understand why I like this one so much.

I have hit the straight and narrow. That’s right kids. No more drinking. No more smoking weed. No more arm wrestling. Nothing going on but the rent.

Hit it:

When walking a straight line to the nunnery success, a Lady must have at least one vice aside from sex, of course. My new one: electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are referred to. Tasty and delicious, e-cigs give the user the feel and taste of smoking – only not all e-cigs are created equal. My friend from high school who I will call E-money, turned me onto the best ones called Logic.

Yesterday I went on a 9 mile journey to find Logic – and when I say 9 miles, I mean it. I’m biking these days because I don’t have a car. I’ll state for the record that biking in AZ will give you legs of steel. This Dorothy has left her Kansas. I’m in the mountains, not South Beach trying to uphill ride on a beach cruiser with one speed. Hey! you can take the girl out of South Beach but you can’t take South Beach out of the girl…although this girl will have the ability to kick down doors and sprint up cliffs. If you ever need someone to scale the side of your house because you locked your keys inside, give a holler.

It is also apparent that AZ is not down with the Platinum program. They’ve got “Flints” and “Joy-Sticks” both of which taste like ashtrays. Platinums have a blue light at the end of them which lights up each time you inhale – like a disco ball! They also taste like mocha frappuccino – a name E-$ invented…and a name that I now use when referring to needing a “hit.” Mind you, I was never much of a smoker – in fact – I can’t stand smoking. It smells and tastes disgusting. Yet here I am, online, ordering packs and packs of Logics because they taste like coffee. I’m getting two habits for the price of one. It really is astounding.

You know the only reason I’m writing this blog is so I can get a little nummy for my tummy….Shameless but necessary. Hey Logic….good PR is free PR and free PR should mean free stuff! Contact a Lady on Facebook….after all a 9 mile bike ride is customer loyalty!

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