Another take on Orson Welles’ mustachtic performance!

Musings from the Manhut

Aside from the comedic cameos on shows like the Muppets and the films he did deconstructing Macbeth for high school movies I have never liked the movies of Orson Welles. There! I have finally said it. I was floored by the American Film Institutes naming of Citizen Kane as the #1 movie of all time. Citizen Kane was a weird movie about a weird man done in a weird way. Welles also made a weird movie of Macbeth which only by happy accident bears any resemblance to the story the Bard wrote long ago. It only took me about fifteen minutes to turn off the Magnificent Ambersons.

Now before everyone drags out the pitchforks and tries to run me out of town on a rail, evidently the good movie-going people of America agreed with me. While Citizen Kane did manage to reach a break even point at the box…

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